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Mongillo Motors, Llc.
Mongillo Motors
Mustang MD-1100
Chassis Dynamometer is
a full load dyno with the
ability to do 1/4 mile
simulation runs!

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the dyno.
Having fuel/air
problems? Suspect bad

Check out our ASNU
Fuel Injector Diagnostic
Flow Bench

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how this can help you!
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Mongillo Motors is Proud to be Connecticut's Premier Performance & Tuning Center

Mongillo Motors specializes in Tuning all types of Fuel Injection Systems from OEM to
Piggy-back Systems to complete Stand Alone Systems. Forced Induction Tuning, creating
custom Remote-Mounted & Front-Mount Turbo Systems, Supercharger Systems & Nitrous
Oxide Systems.

We can build you a Custom Front-Mount, Mid-mount or Remote-Mount Single or Twin
Turbo System for your car or truck!

We offer Supercharger systems from Procharger, Edelbrock, TFS, Magnachager, Kenne
Bell & several other manufacturers for almost any application.

Mongillo Motors Llc.
34 Fulton St.
New Haven, CT. 06513 U.S.A

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